Your resident reviewers:

Amethyst Greye
Amethyst is sort of like a disorganized bull-dog. She has about a million half- or three-quarters finished projects stuffed into a craft room, and somewhere around three hundred books covering one of her bedroom walls. Her husband, a man to whom she owes much of her ability to function like a normal human, has a saint-like tolerance for the insanity leading to his wife's Wall-o-Books.

In fact, the WoB may just be the only pleasure to which Amethyst remains faithfully dedicated, partially because of her bull-dog aspect, and partially because she suffers strongly from Orphaned Book Syndrome, aka that guilt one feels when one finds a book such a waste of time he or she wants to abandon it, but she can't make herself do it.

Michelle Witte
Michelle spends every moment possible with the written word, as a reader, writer, editor, and now as a children's literary agent. She's also the author of the nonfiction humor books The Craptastic Guide to Pseudo-Swearing and The Faker's Guide to the Classics.

While most of the books she reads nowadays are of the pre-published variety (including the slush pile and client manuscripts), when she is able, she enjoys reading excellent books and sharing her thoughts and opinions on them here. As she comes from an editorial background, her reviews tend to lean in that direction, focusing on the literary and writing aspects of a novel.

Once upon a time, she owned children’s bookstore Fire Petal Books. Before that, she was an associate editor with nonfiction publisher Gibbs Smith, and a copy editor with the Deseret Morning News. You can find out more about her at