Review Policy

Note to authors and publishers:

We love reading and are excited by the many incredible books coming out each year. However, we are only two individuals, so we don't have time or energy to review everything we receive. That said, if traditionally published authors or publishers would like to send us a review copy of a book, please contact us at MishandAmes @ See below for details of our individual reading preferences.

  • We reserve the right to not review a book sent to us. 
  • Though we occasionally review non-traditionally published books, we do not accept unsolicited books for review. Requests for such will be ignored.
  • While not every review will be positive, they will all be fair.


As with just about everything else in my life, I, too, am interested in a scattering of genres, adult, YA, and MG. In fiction I especially like intelligent humor (Piers Anthony, Terry Pratchett), dark adventures (some Stephen King—think The Talisman, not Needful Things, Neil Gaiman), twisted standards (Gregory McGuire, Gail Carson Levine) soft science fiction (Orson Scott Card, more Piers Anthony), heaps of fantasy (do I really need to elaborate? I'll try any level, any sub-genre, any grade level), period pieces (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Legacy of Secrets), romance (Devereaux, McNaught, Garwood, Kenyon, Woodwiss, Spencer) and Judy Blume-esque coming-of-age novels.

In non-fiction, I love perspective humor (Dave Barry, Robert Fulghum, Erma Bombeck), artistic gift books, such as collected quotes or loves letters, and historical biographies (dude, do you know how awesome Catherine the Great was?).

No, really, that's me not even trying to cover everything. If you don't think it's right for Michelle, do as she says, and send it to me. Between the two of us, I think we cover everything but hard-core horror (Rob Zombie, anyone?).


I'm interested in a variety of genres, though lately my tastes have swung more toward the young adult and middle grade sections. I adore magical realism (Sarah Addison Allen; Alice Hoffman), quirky (The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making), fantasy (Kristin Cashore), retellings (Shannon Hale), and mysterious, otherworldly tales (Cliff McNish)—especially creepy/atmospheric novels (Monstrous) and ghost stories (Anna Dressed in Blood). I'm also a big fan of quirky characters and gorgeous language (Neil Gaiman), plus really cool integration of visual and narrative, such as graphic novels (Emily the Strange).

I'm not the biggest fan of paranormal romances, so Amethyst or Shauna are probably better to approach for those. Nor am I overly fond of most dystopian, hard sci-fi, legal thrillers, religious fiction, or memoir/biography.