Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kiss of Snow

Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh will do well with the adult paranormal romance series crowd. I had the disadvantage of coming late to the party, so to speak, as I'm not familiar with any Ms. Singh's earlier Changeling/Psy novels and found myself tripping over terminology I'm sure fans of the series would read over without a hitch, but that's my fault, not that of the writing.

Basically, this novel is a solid, interesting-though-format-driven series installment similar in feel to series by Christine Feehan, Sherilyn Kenyon, and Gena Showalter.

Adding personal inspiration and viewpoint to common character templates, Singh creates an alternate universe populated by three main races; changlings (weres of different breeds), Psy (try to twist your brain around a completely biological mesh of ESP-gifted humans and cyborg, with interconnecting consciousnesses), and humans. With these different races comes a bushel of conflict, most of the focus of which covers the friction in interracial romantic relationships. It goes much deeper than skin or culture, ensuring the reader's eagerness to read on, learning more--not only about the resolutions, but even the problems faced by these couples.

While I can't honestly say Kiss of Snow blew me away, I'd definitely recommend it to readers of the genre, or  include the series to a starter list for an adult reader wanting to explore APRs.  This one's right on the line between Borrow and Buy; I probably would borrow it (which, in fact, I did), rather than buy, but I know many readers who would enjoy rereading the book, therefore making it a good purchase for them.

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