Friday, September 23, 2011

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Prize A
This Prize includes an ARC of Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories, which features stories by Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Libba Bray, Garth Nix, Cory Doctorow and several other authors; a preview pamphlet, dual-sided, with samples from Cassandra Clare's upcoming Infernal Devices novel, Clockwork Prince, and Holly Black's third Curse Workers series, Black Heart; various bookmarks, a Mockingjay tat, and two Flair buttons.

THEME: Alternative

What would you do if you had something old with which to do something new?

Competition FOR PRIZE A runs from right this second to 11:59 P.M. on Friday, September 30th, 2011. Link back to your entry and include a  contact email address within the comments for THIS post!!!

We encourage mannerly discussion of the entries within the comments, but anything resembling icky conduct gets a contestant disqualified immediately.


  1. Hmmm probably redecorate it with a load of modern designs but still keep the oldness.

    Hope that made sense :S




  2. I'll have to go with a concrete example.
    Let's say the old thing I got was a story, like a legend, myth or fairy tale. I'd keep the underlying theme/plot, but change the setting to a different time period (not necessarily ours). Also, if I felt that the old story was anti-feminist (heroine sacrificing herself for the common good etc.) I might either reverse the gender roles or simply give her more choices. I might also add or delete characters, or shift the role of the villain onto someone else. Basically, I'd play around with the 'surface' of the story but keep the deeper, meaning-making elements in place so that the story remains recognizable.

    Not sure this was the kind of 'something old' you had in mind, but I hope it'll count anyway :)

    email: carmen_brack(at)bluewin(dot)com

    Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to get my hands on that amazing price packet!

  3. I love taking the old facade and aesthetic and combining it with new technology. I daydream about remaking antique chests of drawers to house flat screen televisions or revamping my desktop's keyboard using vintage typewriter keys.

    I think what appeals to me most is taking the items of today back to a time when things were cared for and repaired, not tossed in a landfill when the next new trend came along.


    email: rwald(at)davisclipper(dot)com

  4. I once had a bicycle. It was violet and shiny and usefull and I generally liked it. I had it almost all my school-time. And then I made one stupid mistake: I sold it instead of putting it into the plane and take it back home with me.
    Since I had no bike left, my mom went on ebay a year later and got me one. I had no idea what waited for me when I came home once again. Anyway, it was a bicycle with everything it needed. It was purple-black, old and the colour was scratched away at parts and it seemed rusty at the scratched parts. I used the bike as little as I possibly could, using my sisters if she didn't need it.

    This summer I decided that I needed to do something to this old thing I called mine but didn't feel like mine.
    I took all the parts of, bought spray colour, got down and dirty while scratching all the old paint off. Then I spent ages putting the new paint on: two layers of grey, three to four layers of the new colour and two layers of shiny. I spent ages putting all the bits and pieces back on and I had to go and buy some new ones (lamps, breaks, dirt protectors, etc).

    Now that old thing is my shiny screaming green bike and I love it!

    Amethyst, you've got my e-mail. I'm not quite happy with writing it out in public for everyone to steal. (For some reason the spam-bots seem to think the e-mail belongs to a male person. I don't have a penis to make bigger!)