Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Winner Announced!

Because we here at Libri Ago: Book Lives are extremely blessed to have some wise and influential friends, and one of them--the luminous Authoress Anonymous--agreed to guest judge for us this week.

We shut Authoress into a tiny white room in which we'd painted each entry on the wall in black paint and told her she couldn't come out unless she'd chosen her favorite.  She was in there for twenty-seven years, or as we know time OUTSIDE the white room, two days.  Upon her exit, she gave us her decision.


Authoress had this to say about her choice:

I probably chose this one because I LOVE old things that are reused.  My favorite necklace (I'm wearing it right now) is my first initial --a key taken from an antique typewriter and set in a necklace.  So, yeah; this entry, in my opinion, really captures the spirit of something old "becoming" new.  


So, Renee, expect an email in your inbox, and a Steampunk prize pack in your mailbox soon! 

Congratulations from Amethyst and Michelle, too!

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